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REAR GUARD folding sit-mat

REAR GUARD folding sit-mat

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The REAR GUARD folding foam sit-mat protects your posterior from the cold, wet, and prickly things! Use it when you stop for lunch or a snack while out hiking. The closed-cell foam mat protects you and your clothes from getting wet or muddy and provides some comfort if the ground is cold, hard, uneven or prickly/scratchy! Ideal for sitting on wet benches too.

When camping, the REAR GUARD is an ideal sitting mat or pad inside your tent or vestibule when cooking or organising your gear. It's also handy when kneeling, giving you some comfort on hard or rocky ground. 

Weighing just 26g, and folding to a small, easy-to-pack size, the REAR GUARD fits in most backpacks with ease, so you never have to leave it behind. 

Made from closed-cell foam, the REAR GUARD does not absorb water, it's easy to wipe clean, and offers a layer of insulation from cold surfaces. 

Available in four colours: Blue, Green, Purple, Orange.



Dimensions (unfolded):
28 cm high
40 cm wide
1.7cm deep

Dimensions (folded):
28cm high
10cm wide
4cm deep

Usage information

Take care when using in windy conditions. The REAR GUARD will blow away if not weighted down.
The sit mat is waterproof - any spillages will easily wash or wipe off.
Keep away from naked flames.

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