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Vampire Outdoors

KEEP IT CHILL cooling towel

KEEP IT CHILL cooling towel

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Vampire Outdoors cooling towels are designed to keep you cool even when you're getting a sweat on in the outdoors. Ideal for hiking, climbing, running or any activity where you need to cool yourself down when the temperature rises. 

The cooling towel is made from 45% polyester and 55% polyamide and when damp, its unique properties act as a heat transfer system - effectively drawing heat away from your body, and making you feel cooler. The towel works over thin clothing as well as on exposed skin, and keeps you cool for up to two hours (depending on air temperature!).

We regularly use our cooling towels for ultramarathons and hiking on hot days - they have been a complete game-changer (and prevented potential heat exhaustion!)

Available in purple, blue and red.


Size: 30cm x 100cm
Weight: 160g

Usage information

How to use your cooling towel

Simply wet the towel from a tap, a water bottle, a river, lake etc (we have even used a cattle trough!) wring it out until it feels nearly dry, and use! The cooling towel can be worn around your neck, shoulders, across your chest, over your head (or under a hat) tie around your wrist, or simply wipe your skin with it for instant cooling.

To keep your cooling towel wet for occasional use during an activity when you might not have access to water, put the damp towel inside a sealed plastic bag. Just remember to wash it and store it dry when you're not using it.

To wash:
hand wash or cool machine wash with detergent. Do not use fabric conditioner. Wash dark colours separately.

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