About us

The Vampire Outdoors team consists of Adam and Rebecca. We're both enthusiastic hikers and campers; whether it's a local ramble, a day's hiking in the hills, a long distance thru-hike, wild camping, or a campsite holiday, we've done it and we love it.

Fed up with lightweight gear from overseas that often doesn't work in UK conditions, plus boring bland colour schemes and sometimes high expense (US brands we're looking at you!), we set out to do better. 

We know that you want good quality outdoor gear, but not at any price. We source and manufacture great quality, thoughtful products, designed to work in UK conditions. Leaving you to get outside to hike, camp, and enjoy the great British countryside in comfort and safety.

We are an online-only business. Currently we offer select hiking and camping accessories, and a small range of plus size clothing, but we have big ambitions, so sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with all our news and product launches.

So who are the fanged duo behind Vampire Outdoors?


Meet the team

The 'nearly-ultralight' vampire
man with cartoon eyes and fangs
Obsessed with ultralight tents and backpacks. Hates social media, being photographed, and mirrors. Originally from Yorkshire and grew up traipsing over Ilkley Moor, before discovering other parts of the UK exist, including Wales. Loves a solo ultralight tent and hiking the length and breadth of Spain. 
The 'comfort and colourful' vampire
Woman with cartoon eyes and fangs
Obsessed with ultramarathons and hiking the long-distance routes of the UK, often in brightly coloured leggings. Volunteer walk leader who is always prepared (i.e. takes the kitchen sink and a full first aid kit). Likes to camp in comfort and has a penchant for a taught guy line. 
To get in touch with the team, please use our contact us page.