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Pits & Bits® Towel Off® Body Wash 100ml Fresh Fragrance

Pits & Bits® Towel Off® Body Wash 100ml Fresh Fragrance

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Pits & Bits fresh fragrance NO-RINSE, towel-off Body Wash is the perfect way to keep clean away from home, on hiking, biking, paddling and camping trips, and festivals.

This easy-to-use formula requires no water, and will save you time, space, and queuing for the campsite showers! 

No water is needed. Just pour Pits & Bits Body Wash directly onto the skin, or apply using one of our expandable compostable body wipes. Gently and briefly massage on the skin to lift dirt and grease. Towel-dry while still wet to remove, leaving you looking and feeling clean and fresh!

Removes even the dirtiest mud and sweat, and requires absolutely no water!

Made by a small, woman-owned UK business using 100% recycled energy and packaged in 100% recycled plastic. The bottle and label are also 100% recyclable.

Pits & Bits® Towel Off® Shampoo and Compostable Expandable Wipes are also available to complete your travel kit.


Volume: 100ml
Weight: 70g

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