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NALGENE® Wide Mouth Easy Sipper

NALGENE® Wide Mouth Easy Sipper

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The Nalgene Easy Sipper makes drinking from Nalgene's wide mouth bottles a breeze! Designed to fit the 1 Litre (32oz) and 1.4 Litre (48 oz) wide mouth Nalgene bottles, it sits in the neck of the bottle and prevents you from getting a soaking when you drink. It's especially useful when you're drinking on the move.

We love this when we're in the car, or hiking, when the water tends to slosh around. We had a few soaking experiences before we started using the easy sippers.

Easily removable for re-filling the bottle and cleaning. It's also dishwasher safe and BPA and BPS free.

Weighs 4g

Available in black, blue, red, yellow and pink


Made from Polypropylene
Weight: 4g

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