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CuloClean portable bidet and bottle

CuloClean portable bidet and bottle

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 CuloClean portable bidet and bottle is an innovative, lightweight device that's an environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper and wet wipes. Reusable, discreet and efficient, it's ideal for hiking, camping, travelling, and other out-of-home hygiene needs. 

Now CuloClean comes with its own soft squeezable 300ml bottle, with a screw cap, so you can keep your bidet bottle separate from drinking bottles.

The intensity of the water can be regulated by exerting more or less pressure on the bottle.

As well as out-of-home hygiene uses, the CuloClean portable bidet and bottle is useful for post-surgery and post-partum cleansing. 

Available in six colours, including glow in the dark. You can also purchase a CuloClean bidet without bottle, if you want to use your own plastic bottle.

CuloClean is made in Europe.


Bidet cap weighs 12g

Usage information

You can use the CuloClean travel bidet with most plastic bottles. To use - fill your bottle, insert your CuloClean bottle cap and turn it upside down. Squeeze bottle to release water, directing the opening at the part of the body you wish to clean. Remove your CuloClean after use, before it dries out, to prevent it getting stuck in the bottle neck,

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