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BOIL IT titanium 750ml camping pot

BOIL IT titanium 750ml camping pot

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Titanium 750ml camping pot or cup. Perfect for a brew on the hills, rehydrating your wild camping dinner, or heating up your soup.

This ultralight 750ml capacity titanium cup and camping pot with lid, side handles, and hanging handle is perfect for lightweight cooking in the outdoors. Perfect for boiling water, or cooking food with high liquid content.

As well as being lightweight, titanium metal is a good heat exchanger which means the water for your brew will boil rapidly. It's also resistant to low temperatures, so you can use it all year round, even in the depths of winter at the top of a mountain, in the snow. 

The titanium metal is non-toxic, won't rust, and is robust enough not to break if you accidentally drop it. 

The BOIL IT titanium camping pot comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag, and inside the pot you can easily fit a small (110g) gas cylinder and/or a small stove - helping to keep all your cooking essentials together in one place. 



Material: Titanium
Size: 750ml capacity
Dimensions: 97mm high, 80mm wide (not including handles)
Weight: 131g (not including mesh bag)

Usage information

Usage instructions:

Increase direct heat gradually, avoiding sudden changes in temperature that may shock the metal.

Extend side and top handles before placing the pot on the stove.

Take care when touching the side or top handles as they may become hot.

Take care when heating food directly in the pot. Heat food gently or it may stick to the pot or burn.

Ideally, wash by hand with a soft cloth.

Do not use in a microwave!!

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