How to use a Kula Cloth pee cloth for wild wees in the outdoors

How to use a Kula Cloth pee cloth for wild wees in the outdoors

Have you purchased or received a Kula Cloth technical pee cloth and wondered "what the heck??"

Were you awed by the beautiful Kula Cloth designs and had to have one, even though you didn't know why you needed it?

Have you arrived at this page because, clutching your Kula Cloth, legs crossed desperate for a wee, you are wondering how to use it?

You have come to the right place dear reader, we have you covered (but we still suggest finding a secluded spot). In this blog article we'll explain how to use your Kula Cloth as a legit piece of technical gear.

Pee like a pro, and all that.

12 steps to wild wee success with your Kula Cloth pee cloth

  1. Wait until you need a wee, then search increasingly desperately for a tree/bush/boulder/fence/wall large enough to hide behind and not be seen by walkers/cyclists/horse riders from the path you have just left. Ideally 50-60m from a river, stream or lake.

    perfect wild wee spot in woods

  2. Detach your Kula Cloth from your pack. Look for the US flag for the bit to pull to un-snap. The other bit is firmly attached to your Kula!

    the US flag on ribbon of a Kula Cloth

  3. Adopt the position. If you’re a squatter you may find holding on to your hiking poles helpful (if you have them). Alternatively, a strong branch nearby might help. However, vampire 2 sends a warning here to check the robustness of the branch before putting your full weight on it. She learned that hard way (snap, argh, weeeeeeeeee!!!! And some cyclists went past too). Also, don’t grab onto nettles, brambles or holly (ouch). If you’re a pee-funneller you’ll probably need less cover as you don’t need to pull your trousers down so far, if at all. Just be mindful of the direction of the wind or you’ll have splash back on trousers for the rest of the walk!

  4. A little shake never does any harm to dislodge the biggest drips. You may prefer the side to side, up and down, circular (left or right?) or just any old way you feel like that day.

  5. Hold your Kula cloth in one  hand, with the absorbent dimpled black (un-printed) side up. The printed side is waterproof so your hand will stay dry.

    the dimpled absorbent side of a Kula Cloth

  6. Dab the pee zone with the absorbent side of the pee cloth. This is not a wiping situation, and definitely don’t leave the pee zone!

  7. You may find it easier to place your Kula, used side up, on the ground while you re-arrange your clothes post-pee.

  8. Re-attach your used Kula Cloth to your pack. If you want to keep the used side away from your pack you can fold it in half and snap together. Alternatively you may prefer to fold it into triangles and put it in your bag or pocket.

  9. If left to hang (folded or unfolded) on your pack your Kula will dry quickly.

    A folded Kula Cloth hanging from a backpack

  10. Your Kula can be used several times in a day. It will dry between uses and the technical magic of the silver-infused antimicrobial material means it won't smell!

  11. If it’s raining or you dropped your pack (with attached Kula Cloth) in a river or puddle, your Kula will still work, it might just be more of a wet-wipe!

  12. To wash your Kula just use a little soap. Any type will do. Hand wash is best but you can also put it in the washing machine (snap the ribbon together to avoid snagging). If you’re camping/thruhiking use biodegradable soap and wash it well away from any water sources. Hang to dry, it won’t take long!

Now you are ready to wild wee with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you can whip out your Kula Cloth and use it with abandon, hither and thither in the wilderness (or behind a bush at the park).

Ready to buy a Kula Cloth pee cloth?

If you have been dithering about buying a Kula Cloth and read this article first - we applaud your pre-planning! 

You can now head over to the Kula Cloth page in our shop to peruse the beautiful designs and decide which one would look best hanging from your backpack! Enjoy :-)

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