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REVIEW: Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie

Helen agreed to test our sample plus size Outdoor Research Women's Echo Hoodie. She has been using it since late November 2022 and shared her review with us in July 2023.

I’ve used the plus size Echo Hoodie long sleeved top from Outdoor Research for a variety of activities - it’s become a staple piece of outdoor kit for me. It’s been on long hikes and short walks, relaxed watching the sunset, paddled down rivers and across lochs, climbed rock faces and been thrown down mountains on the back of a bike.

“It’s become a staple piece of outdoor kit for me”

It’s performed amazingly well. The comfortable wicking material is silky soft, and it didn’t cause my sensory issues any problems.

And, while I have found that friction against rocks can cause the material to pill slightly, it’s kept me cool when used as a solo layer, warm when worn as a base layer as part of a layering system, and most importantly kept the darned midges from being able to get me!

close up showing woman wearing sunglasses and her mouth and nose covered by a light purple top

Helen wearing her Echo Hoodie this summer.

Much of its use has been to keep the sun off in hot weather. The hood fits well over most helmets, and it seems to find even the slightest breeze to keep you cool.

I usually wear a 24-26 on top, was wearing a 2XL in the Echo Hoodie and it fit well! The arm length was good, no part was too tight or overly loose. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a thumb loop, and these ones are great! Soft, not too tight.

It packs down super small, and the fit (for me!) means it’s large enough to not feel “sticky”, but small enough that it doesn’t feel weird under a t-shirt or sweater.

Woman's hand outstretched, with thumb through the thumb loop of her top
Thumb loop on the Echo Hoodie

I will say that my “chuck everything in together and hope” washing style, coupled with it ending up in a tumble dryer a couple times DID cause it to shrink slightly, thought that is obviously entirely my fault. I’m about to buy another and because of this I’ll be buying the 3XL, just to allow for my silliness!

The versatility of the Echo Hoodie has made it a staple of my kit. I would say I’ve easily got £60 of use out of it, as it’s been on every trip and hike with me since last November!

The Outdoor Research Women's Echo Hoodie is available in sizes 1X to 4X in a variety of colours.

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