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CELLVATION camping mat

CELLVATION camping mat

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Made in Britain from Evazote closed cell foam, the CELLVATION camping mat is a versatile, high quality and ultralight mat. 

At just 3mm thick and weighing 100g it provides robust but ultralightweight protection for your tent floor, bivy bag, and inflatable camping mattresses from puncture damage caused by scratchy or spikey ground. For gram-counting fast packers and ultralight campers, it offers an additional degree of comfort when no inflatable mattress is used.

When used underneath a tent, the CELLVATION camping mat will protect the area of the tent floor where most weight is distributed (under the body when sleeping) from rips and small punctures.

Although we can't give it a R-rating for warmth, it adds a thin layer of insulation which is never a bad thing, especially if you've had to compromise on mattress insulation or sleeping bag warmth.

In addition to its protective properties, the CELLVATION camping mat will also prevent your inflatable mattress from slipping about so much in your tent and can even be used without a mattress if you're on soft ground. 

The high-quality Evazote closed cell foam is waterproof and doesn't absorb water, so can be used directly on the ground without worrying about adding weight to your pack the next day. 

At 198cm long, the CELLVATION camping mat is suitable for most people. It can be cut down easily to the size of your mattress with a pair of household scissors, and the off-cut makes a perfect ultralight small sit pad or kneeling pad.


Length: 198cm
Width: 50cm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 100g
Colour: black

Usage information

Use in your tent, under your inflatable mattress, or on its own on soft ground to protect against punctures.
Use under your tent or bivvy bag to protect the floor from rips and tears.
Waterproof and non-absorbent

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